Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Very Herself

Was trying to get the little one in the car to run some errands, but she just wanted to curl with her books and goldfish. "Just leave me home and you go do your work!".

So I tried to explain that she was too young for me to leave her home alone, and she had to be at least 10 years old for that. Very angry, she retorts, "Its not my fault that the earth is going so slowly!"

So the other day, she was telling me, "You know, many years back, people used to think that spanking is the way to get kids to do the right thing. Now they learnt that it is not correct." "So how do kids do the right thing now a days?", I asked.

"Oh, you just have to scold them".

She is absolutely convinced that we live inside the Earth and not on its surface. And keeps giving us reasons to prove it. One of the biggest reasons is, "If we were on the outside, we would have all fallen off as the earth moved." The second is that "If we weren't inside, we could have seen the space instead of the sky". Also that "I read that Earth's surface is rocky, but all around us its not rocky at all."

Somehow she is fascinated by planets, especially exo-planets. Its a joy to see her discover the world, and it is immensely entertaining to hear her interpretations of it.

She tells me, "Many years ago, humans always dragged their feet. Or maybe they just kept sliding on the ground". I suppose I was confused enough by the statement, so comes the explanation,
"Back when the dinosaurs lived, humans always just dragged their feet. Because the book said that the first human footprint fossil is after millions of years after the dinosaurs, so when the dinosaurs were there, humans just dragged their feet everywhere. So there are no footprints."


Alok said...

She's right if you consider the atmosphere to be a part of the Earth.

Loved reading these.